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Aeroteams is made up highly dedicated individuals who love aviation and want to make a career of it. We have contracts with companies all over the world. If you would like to become part of our team please contact us immediately.

Aircraft Maintenance

Current Career Opportunities

 6/20/2024Sheetmetal Modification

Our team will be building cargo doors - this is close tolerance, work with precise drilling and countersinking and fastener install. Must be very qualified.

Read and comprehend drawings, work little to no supervision. Must be able to communicate clearly with management / engineering when drawing doesn’t match the project and needs to be corrected.

 Fort Worth, TX 
 6/14/2024Assembly Inspector

General Summary:

  • Performs in-process and final mechanical and assembly inspection.  Responsible for day-to-day activities in support of the mechanical and assembly manufacturing departments.  Performance will be on an entry level to moderate level basis, dealing of technical problems or low to moderate scope, with moderate supervision.  The successful Candidate will be expected to be fully supportive or Honda Aircraft Company Values, Honda Philosophy, and Lean Manufacturing.

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Facilitate the HACI Quality System.
  • Perform in-process inspection in accordance with Type Design, Work Orders, and internal procedures.
  • Perform final inspection per customer and company requirements.
  • Write Quality Notification as necessary for non-conforming product and assist in determining corrective action.
  • Maintain positive working relationships with other departments.
  • Help manufacturing troubleshoot problems as they occur.
  • Control the accuracy of quality assurance records.
  • Peroform first piece and/or first article inspections.
  • Cross training with other inspectors that includes incoming or other inspection.
 Greensboro, NC 
 4/23/2024Structures Assembler

Performs complex assembly, fitting of detail parts, and installation at high level productivity rate within various manufacturing processes (i.e. sealant, fasteners, electric harnessing, and hydraulics). Assures parts assembly meets or exceeds specifications.

  • Performs complex assembly, fitting of detail parts and structures, and installation throughout varied drilling and riveting operations, under limited to zero direct supervision. Ensures parts/assembly meet or exceed requirements.
  • Performs routine and build tasks completion parameters as defined by management (with 100% accuracy within or under predefined timeframe).
  • Completes frequent special assignments and complex repairs. Recommends solutions to a variety of related problems of sophisticated scope and complexity
 Greensboro, NC 
  • Perform such typical maintenance functions as cabling, component removal/installation, wire harness removal/installation, fabrication/repair of wire assemblies, and continuity checks.
  • Determine if work can safely be accomplished if aircraft is in a power-on mode and be able to conduct necessary testing if in a power-on mode.
  • Fabricate and install all wiring assemblies, static lines, and associated mechanical equipment.
  • Follow all applicable specifications to accomplish a specific task.
  • Maintain a clean and safe working environment.
  • Perform work within estimated hours.
  • Follow all safety procedures and specifications.
  • Execute all required paperwork in connection with assigned normal duties.
  • Use and operate ground support equipment, as applicable and if qualified, in a safe manner.
  • Work with little or no supervision and accomplish assignments with little or no rework.
  • Assist other employees in the performance of their job assignments through coaching, counseling, and guidance.
  • Interface effectively with members of management, other departments, and co-workers.
 Lake City, FL 
 4/3/2024Interior Mechanics - Lake City, FL

Skill: Interior Mechanic

Duration: Long term

Location: Lake City, FL

Aircraft: Boeing and Airbus

  • Fabricate parts as required
  • Layout and perform interior reconfigurations and repairs.
  • Follow all applicable specifications to accomplish a specific task.
  • Maintain a clean and safe working environment.
  • Execute all required paperwork in connection with assigned normal duties.
  • Interface effectively with members of management, other departments, and co-workers. 
 Lake City, FL 
 4/3/2024A&P Mechanic

Now Hiring A&P Mechanics for work in Lake City, FL.  Pay rates just increased as of 4/15/2023

Skill: A&P Mechanics

Duration: Long Term

Location: Lake City, FL

Aircraft: Boeing and Airbus


  • Perform routine maintenance open-up, servicing, etc.
  • Capable of lifting 50 lbs.
  • Perform lock out, tag out procedure, parts tagging and confined space procedures
  • Perform aircraft lubrication
  • Be able to operate ground power equipment such as but not limited to, tugs, scissor lifts, snorkel lifts, forklifts, etc.
  • Be able to read blueprints and drawings
  • Can maneuver through maintenance manuals and IPC, know, and understand the ATA codes
  • Perform component removal and installation with limited supervision
  • Have a basic understanding of Aircraft systems, fuel, pneumatics and hydraulics
  • Have a high standard of job awareness and with the associated hazards that come with flight control surface movement, gear retraction/extension and engine runs
  • Have a basic understanding of component and flight control rigging, adjusting and testing/operation
  • Be able to use power tools and aircraft test equipment.
 Lake City, FL 
 1/19/2024Fuel Tank Mechanics
  • Perform removal, installation, and inspection functions of fuel cells and assembly, and installation of components such as fuel lines, hardware, and fittings on various aircraft.
  • Analyze various aircraft sealing, structural, and assembly drawings, to detect seal level deficiencies.
  • Diagnose results of leak test to detect drawing, specification, structural and assembly sealing errors.
  • Recommend corrective action necessary to correct deficiencies.
  • Perform disassembly and teardown operations of aircraft fuel systems and related components.
  • Remove fuel cells and components from aircraft, following specific procedures and techniques.
  • Prepare cavity for installation of fuel cells and components.
  • Install fuel cells and components, following specific procedure techniques.
  • Use appropriate pressure test equipment, and make repairs as required.
  • Check condition of fuel cells for any type of damage; and cavity, for condition of internal fittings.
  • Work from operations require. Assist other aircraft mechanics as required.
 Lake City, FL 
 7/21/2021Sheetmetal Mechanic

Aeroteams is currently hiring a Sheetmetal Mechanic to join our team in Wilmington, OH.   Candidates will perform structural maintenance including removal, installation, and repair of major structural elements such as fuselage, skins, frames, stringers, and pylons. We are looking for candidates that have experience working on a structures team in the past.  This position will require candidates to go through a phone interview.

 Wilmington, OH