Bid/Non-Fixed Bid Teams

Aeroteams business model differentiates itself from traditional staffing companies who look to provide contract labor to their business partners. Aeroteams has two limited FAA Repair Station licenses and is set up internally like a small MRO. Our management team includes a General Manager, Director of Maintenance, Director of Planning, Director of Safety, and individual Managers who oversee Structures, Avionics, and other departments as needed.

Using the expertise we have from our management team, we can price and build teams of technicians on a Fixed Bid basis. When a customer would like to see a Fixed Bid from Aeroteams, our management teams get a copy of the work scope from the customer, and reviews the job that needs to be done. We estimate the number of hours that will need to be completed to finish the project, and how many team members we will need. We present a Fixed Bid price for the job so our customer knows exactly what the cost will be for the specific job they want completed. If accepted by the customer, we will either relocate a team that is doing a similar job to the new project, or we will custom build a new team from scratch to get the job done. When this model is put in play, Aeroteams has “skin in the game” and we are truly part of the team who is getting the maintenance done with our customer on time and on budget.

If a Fixed Bid model will not work for a prospective customer or project, Aeroteams can also provide individual technicians to work jobs on a Time and Material basis. This is like how a traditional staffing company would provide technicians to clients. We can provide one skill set or multiple skill sets depending on the job at hand.